Clean Rooms

The Clean rooms have sevaral unique features and preferable features suitable for today's need and demand for pharmaceutical industry.

All SRMC units bear the hallmark of committed professionalism, and promise of quality, security, protection and full-value-for-money. Backed by rich experience, continuing research and strong infrastructure, SRMC's cost-performance-benefit equations remain unequaled. Choosing a SRMC product amounts to investing in the best that is available in our country.

SRMChas also forged strategic alliances with other key manufacturers in an ongoing endeavour to extend its horizons and augment its basket of microcontamination solutions. 




Annual Maintenance Contract.

1) AHUs, Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow work stations.
2) Largest inventory of air filters [20, 10, 5, 3 micron] pre filters and hepa filters.
3) Room differential pressure management.
4) Periodical testing & Validation of cleanrooms.