Cleanroom Ancillaries&Consumables

SRMC offers a wide range of supporting equipment, ancillaries, test instruments, appliances and consumables to help you keep your cleanroom really clean. 

  .Air Showers

Air Showers are factory assembled systems designed to deliver a spray of HEPA filtered air at approximately 6000 fpm from adjustable nozzles in the ceiling and opposing walls to departiculate fully gowned personnel just before they enter controlled environments. 





  .Clean Air Modules
A wide range ( 150 to 2000 CFM) of HEPA filter modules for use as Duct Connected Clean Air feed systems, Pressurizing units and for supplying cooling air to Hot Air Sterilizers. 


  .Garment Storage Cubicles
Garment Storage Cubicles comprising HEPA Filtration System with recirulatory arrangement, filter for odour removal, heating mechanism and bactericidal UV light suitable for Lab Coat and Boiler Suit Sets. 

Pass Box
Pass Box with mechanically interlocked or magnetically locked glass doors and U V light.

  . Air Filters
Prefilters remove particles down to 3, 5 or 10 microns (identified as Super, Standard and Junior) with efficiency exceeding 99%, 98% and 95% respectively when tested in accordance with BS 2831 using Test Dust II. HEPA filters remove particles down to 0.3 micron from air/gas streams with efficiency exceeding 99.97% when tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC-001-86. 



  .Cleanroom Garments

SRMC specialises in packaging people for improved yields and higher profits in controlled microenvironments, and has earned the trust of the most quality conscious Users in India over the past decade.




Annual Maintenance Contract.

1) AHUs, Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow work stations.
2) Largest inventory of air filters [20, 10, 5, 3 micron] pre filters and hepa filters.
3) Room differential pressure management.
4) Periodical testing & Validation of cleanrooms.